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Island Echoes reflects the interchange of island energies and music across the vast expanse of islands. The echoes bounce back and forth from the mainland of the Americas through the Greater Antilles and outward through the Lesser Antilles. The energies and music take something from each place and add, modify and insert something from lands on the other side of the world. This happens because of the many circumstances in history that caused people migrations from all ends of the earth. The span of music in the Caribbean areas is so varied and rich that I know of no other place like it. I have tried numerous times to list the musical styles but there are always more popping up with new generations trying to make their musical mark.

This CD is a compilation of some of the styles but are oriented in a way that showcases the vast differences in the styles. Sailing around through this vast area very quickly points out the rapid changes in the music from place to place. But, if we listen closely, we can hear the echoes from place to place.

Many times in life we hear a variation of the expression that “the trip is more important than the destination,” which is certainly true in a small boat trip. However, traveling by air certainly doesn’t qualify. The song “Sailing Along and Dreaming of Life” is meant to show the various moods we feel while sailing in vastly different conditions and thinking of the things going on in our lives. – Frank Tuma

Instrumental CD

Falling In Love During The Flamenco F. Tuma 4:21
Brazilian Samba F. Tuma 3:56
Echoes Across The Caribbean F. Tuma 5:58 CLICK TO HEAR MUSIC!
Blowing The Clouds Away F. Tuma 3:40
Dancing The Bachata On The Equator F. Tuma 5:15
Ay, Chihuahua F. Tuma 4:26
Tickle Me With Your Bossa Nova F. Tuma 5:56
Salsa Intoxication F. Tuma 4:57
Let’s Dance The Cumbia F. Tuma 3:00
Sailing Along And Dreaming Of Life F. Tuma 6:02


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