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“Let’s face it — island music is made for dancing! Most people come up with a melody or words and then compose a song. Not me. I start with a rhythm that I feel from the energy around me at the time, or the energy and rhythm from a memory. I then start fooling around with it until the beat, syncopation and general feeling is right for the mood. I then add, change instruments and drum types, add background instruments, and fool around with the beats per minute. When the various instrument octaves, tuning and echo are where I want them, I finally think about the solo instruments and their accompaniment instruments. With these in place, I work on a melody that fits that rhythm. Memories of things, nature’s sounds, the history of the places I’m thinking of bring the melodies to life.” – Frank Tuma.

Instrumental CD

Dancing In The Veracruz Square F. Tuma 3:33
The Sirens Are Calling Me Sailing F. Tuma 5:40
Amor Mis Amor F. Tuma 5:35
Let’s Go To The Carnival F. Tuma 4:40
Great Place To Visit, But Can’t Live Here F. Tuma 4:33
Mambo Fantastico F. Tuma 5:55 CLICK TO HEAR MUSIC!
Let Go My Heart F. Tuma 6:43
Dueling Steel Drums And Horns F. Tuma 3:40
Latin Discos F. Tuma 3:37
Miami South Beach Night Life F. Tuma 5:25
Soul Limbo F. Tuma 5:36
You Can’t Stop Me Now F. Tuma 6:20


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