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Rhythms run the Cosmos. Rhythmic timing is the Yin and Yang of the Multiverses (there are purportedly multi universes). Timing in everything we do is what causes the various degrees of success and/or satisfaction. Music reinforces the natural rhythms in our bodies.

When I compose and arrange music, I start with a rhythm, working it around until it is the way I want it. Then I can let a melody slowly but surely wind its way into the rhythm, until the themes and sub-themes blend into a complete circle of the final song.

This CD is a plethora of rhythms. The songs cover a geographical area of the Southern states through the Bahamas, some of the Greater Antilles, Jamaica, Mexico and Hawaii. – F. Tuma

Instrumental CD

Touching Energies F. Tuma 7:03
Bahamas Snorkeling F. Tuma 6:00
Take Anything – But Not My Fishing Boat F. Tuma 5:18
The Gypsy In My Soul F. Tuma 5:00
Blue Hawaii Robinson & Rainger 4:07
Frank’s Black Funk F. Tuma 6:00
East Meets West Caribbean F. Tuma 4:37 CLICK TO HEAR MUSIC!
La Paloma – Old Mexican Song Sebastian Yradier 6:03
Dreaming Of The Caribbean Old Carribbean Song medley 8:44
No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley 7:08
Mambo Francisco F. Tuma 5:27
Mama, You Look So Good (When You Dance Like That) F. Tuma 6:05


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